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Heard on College Hill

Irons versus Murphy

Speaker Murphy Optimistic on Separation of Powers

Harry Connick, Jr. on Buddy Cianci

AG Lynch Opposes Expungement Liberalization

Buddy Cianci: The Musical

Providence Facing Drastic Cuts if No New Aid

DeBare Criticizes Effort to Liberalize Expungement

Research Study Reveals Problems in RI Expungement Policies

Irons Stands Tall on Separation of Powers

Kennedy Chastizes Fellow Dems on Foreign Policy; Disavows Any Interest in Chafee Senate Seat

Cicilline Says Colleges Facing PILOT Legislation

Kennedy Says Bush Made Right Decision on Iraq War

Matt Brown's Political Future

Reed Expects U.S. to Find Iraq Chemical Weapons

Chafee Calls Critics "Vicious"

Comparing Wars

Cicilline Squeezes Universities

Gordon Fox Complains about State GOP

Carcieri Becoming Rudy Giuliani of Rhode Island

Cicilline No Drag at Follies

Brown University State Survey, February, 2003

Chafee Criticizes Bush for "Steering to the Right"

Grading Bush's Speech

Natl Polls Show Erosion of Bush Support

New Providence Police Chief Promises Big Changes

Murphy and Irons Spar over JCLS

Almond Feels Good About Eight Years as Governor

Irons Signals Close Ties to New Gov. Carcieri

Carcieri Lays Down Law to Legislature

Interpreting the 2002 Election

Reed Says Harwood Explanation is "Not Persuasive"

Carcieri Moving Toward "Significant Contrasts" with York

Harwood Says "All Options" on Table for Quonset

Providence Voters Favor Cicilline; Minorities Feel They Have Too Little Power

Cicilline Calls for New Leadership Team

Mark Shriver Loses Congressional Bid

Handicapping York versus Carcieri for Governor

Will Cianci + Harwood = York/Cicilline/Carcieri/Brown?

Cicilline Leads Paolino in Ch12 Poll

Harwood Emerges as Campaign Target in Several Races

Republican Gubernatorial Candidates Running 30-40 Points Behind York and Whitehouse

Paolino Criticizes WLNE Survey

Carcieri Says State Budget is "Out of Control"

WLNE-TV Election Poll Results, August, 2002

Providence Gay Issue Recalls Paolino's 1990 Democratic Primary

Paolino Says No Conflict of Interest

Public Mood Swing Shifts Campaign Dynamic

Kennedy Caught in Natl Dem Crossfire

McKenna Says Paolino and Igliozzi Are Too Close to Cianci

Cicilline Will End Car Tow List

Goodbye to Mayor's Car, Igliozzi Says

New Governor's Survey Tests Possible Attacks on York and Whitehouse

Half Think Cianci Guilty, New Brown Poll

New Poll Testing Paolino Mayorial Prospects

Another Look at Deep Throat

Cianci on the Today Show

Cianci Still Popular But Voters Say Time for a Change

Almond Blasts Proposed State Budget

Providence Council Pres Lombardi Tests Election Prospects with New Poll

Will Racial Slurs Save Buddy Cianci?

Pine: Cianci No Repeat of DiPrete or Sarault

Jackvony Breaks with Almond on Port

Hardball Host Chris Matthews to Speak at Brown April 6, 2002

Brown Conference to Explore Health Care in Rhode Island April 4-5, 2002

Reed Ranks Sixth in Out-of-State Campaign Money

Bennett Says Bush Will Campaign for Him

Whitehouse Deeply Skeptical on Port

The United States after Sept. 11

Pires Promises Weekly Press Conferences

Whitehouse: "No Tax Increase"

Documentary on Life and Times of Buddy Cianci

Follies Lampoon RI Politicians

Change Way We Do Business in RI, York Says

Almond Bemoans Attacks on Him

Kennedy Expects Tough Race

Cicilline Poll Tests Providence Mayorial Waters

Chafee Warns About Divisive GOP Gubernatorial Primary

Kennedy Criticizes Bush on Taxes and Enron, But Praises Him on War and Education Policy

Andrew Cuomo to Speak at Brown Jan. 29

West Roasts Kennedy, Harwood, and Cianci for a Good Cause

Harwood Says Ethics Charges Against Him Are "Reckless"; Defends Performance as Speaker

Chafee Says He May Have Been Wrong in Early Doubts About War

Sen. Caprio on Deficit, Welfare, Car Tax, and Gambling Casino

Ferguson Says Kennedy Has Ticked Off Half of Congress

Is Kennedy Running on Republican Themes?

Dave Rogers on Patrick Kennedy

Mike Battles on Patrick Kennedy

Ted Kennedy Jokes That Patrick is a "Wimp"

Brown University State Survey, Sept, 2001

Kennedy's New Pollster

Cianci's Selective Memory

AG Says He is Not Soft on Public Corruption or Providence Police

No Racial Discrimination in RI Courts, Chief Justice Says

Laura Bush Tops Hillary Clinton in National Poll

Executive Experience Distinguishes Whitehouse from Rivals, AG Says

Less Room for Cianci P.R. in Court

New Brown Poll Shows Kennedy Leading Almond; Views of Cianci and Providence Corruption

Cianci Ridicules ProJo and Almond in Washington Post

Bush Drops in National Poll

Almond Still Considering Kennedy Run

Jeffords Jilts GOP

Assessing the Rhode Island State Police

Jane Swift's Not-so-Swift Critics

Reed Chief of Staff Turns Down DCCC Post

Kennedy: "systemic corruption in the city of Providence"

Senator Lott Slaps at Chafee

Sixty-Three Percent Approve of Bush in Wash Post Poll

A Washington Perspective on Kennedy's Staff Changes (Roll Call newspaper)

Big Ideas Return to National Stage

Kennedy Reshuffles Staff

Moakley, West Predict Drop in Cianci Support

Teflon Starting to Peel for Cianci

McCain Trumps Bush

Kennedys Galore

Langevin and Begin Criticize RI Campaign Finance Rules

David (Cicilline) to Take on Goliath for Providence Mayor?

Reed Says Bush Deserves A- on Tactics, But Is "Reckless" on Tax Cut

Chafee Criticizes Bush Tax Plan; Proposal for Arctic Drilling

New Brown Poll on Taxes, Clinton, and Job Performance

Patrick Kennedy Steals Follies Show

Clinton: Bush's Best Friend?

Brown Survey Shows Schools Moving in Right Direction

Gov. Almond Promises $8.4 Million for E-Govt

Governor Almond Pushes Capital Gains Tax Cut; Praises Attorney General Ashcroft

Patrick Kennedy to Visit Bush White House

McCain Promises Hardball on Campaign Finance

Bush: The Corporate President

Is It the Clinton or Bush Economic Downturn?

Don't Underestimate Bush

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