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Cicilline Calls for New Leadership Team (posted September 14, 2002)

Providence Democratic mayoral nominee David Cilline today called for a new leadership team in Providence City Hall. Appearing on the WPRI-TV show "Newsmakers", Cicilline said a new mayor "means new leadership and a new leadership team." If he wins the November election, the Democrat indicated he would ask for resignations from most of the current department heads and would name new people to the positions.

In regard to a new police chief, Cicilline said he would "reopen the search in an abbreviated way." Although he thought Acting Chief Richard Sullivan was doing a good job, Cicilline also wants to consider other candidates. He furthermore said he would appoint a new commissioner of public safety to supervise the police and fire departments.

On the subject of school reform, Cicilline noted that he has met with Marion Orr, Frank Newman, and Warren Simmons of Brown University. He said the most important task of school reform was "substantial public engagement." Providence can not rely only on a school superintendant, but must find a way to bring community leaders together to improve the public schools.

When asked what stylistic differences he would have as mayor compared to Buddy Cianci, Cicilline joked that "I'll try not to be late" to meetings and public events. However, he said he would promote the city and show up at lots of events. "That's part of the job," he said.
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