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Almond Bemoans Attacks on Him (posted January 26, 2002)
Governor Lincoln Almond bemoaned attacks on him and his leadership style over the last few weeks when he appeared on Jack White's WPRI-TV show "Newsmakers". "I guess they are going to be running against me," Almond said referred to recent criticism of his leadership style by gubernatorial candidates Myrth York and Don Carcieri. "It is misguided. I don't think it helps to run against someone who is not running," Almond noted.

Both York and Carcieri have complained that the state has squandered its state revenues and specifically cited Almond's leadership style as a reason the state is in trouble now. Both felt the state should have taken more aggressive actions to improve the state while it had large budget surpluses.

On the television show, Almond said House Finance committee members voted out a budget last year before he even had a chance to see it. "There should have been greater negotiation on the budget," Almond complained. He told Providence Journal reporter Scott MacKay that he did not veto the budget because Democrats in the General Assembly had the votes to override his veto. Almond also indicated that he was supporting former State Representative Brad Gorham to be the new chairperson of the state Republican party.

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