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Heard on College Hill

Is It the Clinton or Bush Economic Downturn?

Almond Worries about Plunderdome Impact on State; Wants to Look at Capital Gains Tax

Don't Underestimate Bush

Whitehouse Criticizes Judicial Nominating Commission

Presidential Endgame

Business Week Questions Kennedy Fundraising in Puerto Rico

Senate Majority Leader Bill Irons on Priorities, Taxes, and Abortion

Post-Election 2000

Patrick Kennedy on Election 2000, the Mass Media, and his Yacht Incident

Networks Stumble Over Exit Polls

Divided America Produces Divided Election Results

New Brown University National Survey on Media Coverage of Election 2000 and Top Candidate Ads

Providence Journal/Brown University Survey on Election, 2000, Cianci, and Heritage Harbor Museum

Republican Organization To Broadcast Pro-Nader Spot

DePetro Unwelcome at Kennedy Debate

GOP Attacks Kennedy

Don't Trust the National Polls

Gore Points Out Issue Differences, While Bush Ties Gore to Big Government

Chafee Leads Weygand 50-34 in Ch12 Poll

Kinder, Gentler Gore Levels Playing Field for Bush

Providence Place Mall Sales Tax Update

Bush/Gore Debate Performance

Hillary's Comeback

Debate Preview

Kennedy's House Strategy and View of Senate

Bouncing Polls

RI Nominates Pro-Life Dems

Dems See Rats!


Providence Journal/Brown University Survey on Election 2000, Abortion, and Health Care

Attack Politics

The Abortion War

Race, Gender, and Providence Courts

Gore's Convention Bounce

Licht Poll Shows Weygand Slippage

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