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Heard on College Hill, 2000

Nader's Ads The Lieberman Choice
Vice President Cheney? The Bush/Gore Issue Gap
Voting with the RI House Leadership, 1999-2000 Voting with the RI Senate Leadership, 1999-2000
New Book "Patrick Kennedy: The Rise to Power" Now Published Court Ruling Energizes Abortion Activists
Clinton Barely Outraises Lazio in 2Q The Politics of the Death Penalty
Weygand Leads 65-25; Licht Airs First Ad Chafee Votes Often with Senate Dems
Lazio Tied with Hillary Clinton Assessing the Providence Place Mall
Assembly Rolling Back Reform, Almond Says Whitehouse on Witness Protection and Cornell Young
Buchanan Coming to RI  State Lawmakers' Financial Ties
Clinton versus Lazio Lam Facing Bruised Feelings
Kennedy Tape Shows Rude Behavior but No Assault or Evidence of Excruciating Pain Will Edwards Corruption Trial Be Model for Cianci Case?
Ralph Nader Coming to RI West Named Director of Brown Policy Center
GOP Cold Feet on Elian Cianci Ashamed of Corruption Probe
Will Prostate Cancer Humanize Giuliani? Young Shooting Case Goes National 
New West Book, Checkbook Democracy Kennedy Accuser is No Saint
Coyne-McCoy and Langevin Tied in Fundraising Weygand/Licht and 1997 Balanced Budget Vote
Ominous Dip in Real Disposable Income Dem Endorsement "Fixed", Weygand Says 
Blame Game Beckons Bush and Gore Kennedy Calls for Action on Racial Problems
Bush/Gore Grades and SAT Scores Guide to 2000 Pres. Election
Kelly Warns Cianci to Recover Stolen Money AFL-CIO Endorses Weygand for U.S. Senate
Gore Tied with Bush Super Tuesday Analysis
Cianci on Providence Corruption Charges Voter Registration in Rhode Island
Bradley Plays Foreign Policy Card Patrick Kennedy's Secret
Breakdowns for U.S. Senate Race AG Whitehouse and the Minority Community 
Arlene Violet Reassessing Senate Bid Providence Follies Mystery Guest Carothers
Giuliani Seen as On Attack New Brown Poll on Election, Race Relations
Commentary on New Brown Poll McCain's Dilemma 
CBS News President on Future of Television Gore: The New Comeback Kid 
South Carolina Mud "Trump"ing Politics
AFL-CIO Opposes Lifespan Merger Can Michael Jordan Ad Save Bradley? 
The End of Forbes Coyne-McCoy and Langevin Cash
Bush on the Attack Weygand Peddling Favorable Poll Results 
New Hampshire Guideposts Clinton's State of the Union
Weygand Tops $1.17 Million Iowa Spin and Exit Polls 
Gore's Resurgence $3 Million Pro-Gambling Campaign
Why Hillary is Losing Women A Statewide Property Tax? 
Licht Hits $1 Million Chafee Leads Pack (GOP poll) 
Harwood/Kelly Legislative Priorities New Hampshire Losing Influence 
Grading the Debate Candidates Health Care, Gambling, and Education Top Legislative Agenda
2000 Election Calendar

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