Licht Hits $1 Million (posted January 15, 2000)

The Licht 2000 Committee announced this week in a press release that it raised over $1 million in 1999, the first to announce that he has reached the million dollar mark in funds raised for the 2000 U.S. Senate race in Rhode Island.

"Hitting the million dollar mark highlights the breadth and depth of support for Licht's candidacy," said Darrell S. Ross, President and CEO of Ross-Simons and Finance Chairman of the Licht 2000 Committee. "Licht is not an incumbent Congressman or Senator with easy access to Washington based donations or to a campaign war chest to be transferred from one campaign to the next. This fundraising milestone reflects the belief of so many Rhode Islanders that Richard Licht has the experience, skills and vision to best serve Rhode Island in the United States Senate."

"I am honored by the number of people willing to donate to this campaign," said Licht. "Their financial support provides this campaign with the resources to run a vigorous and energetic race. The support will also help me promote my belief that every American should have affordable and quality health care and that every young child should have access to early childhood education. I will be taking this message to the people of Rhode Island in the months ahead, listening to their concerns and pledging to work with them on solutions in Washington."

Final 1999 fundraising numbers for all candidates will be filed with the Federal Election Commission on January 31st. Included in the $1 million figure is $300,000 that Licht has loaned his campaign as evidence of the seriousness of his commitment to the campaign. Exact numbers for funds raised and cash on hand will be provided at that time.