Nader Ads (posted August 8, 2000)

Supporters of Ralph Nader's Presidential bid are excited by his first national television ad by the creative team that produced remarkable ads for Minnesota Senator Wellstone and Gov. Jesse Ventura, local Green Party officials announced in a press release.

"With the exception of billionaire Ross Perot' s self- financed advertisements and 30 minute info-mercials, these Nader for President ads are the first third party ads financed by a grass roots party in history!" Green Party spokesperson Tim McKee explained.

McKee described the ads as similar in style to those that Ventura and Wellstone had and that brought a national spotlight on the William Hillsman team and elected those outsiders to office. A hard hitting parody of Master Charge's " Somethings are Priceless" ads, it slams the big money lobbyist donations of the Bush and Gore campaigns, and compares Nader, who has rejected big soft money and political action committee money, and is known as a long time consumer advocate and champion of campaign finance reform as "priceless" and calls for him to be included in the debates, McKee said.

McKee called the ads quite an undertaking for Nader and The Greens, which will not receive the millions of taxpayers matching funds Bush and Gore will get until well after the elections and if the Greens receive at least 5% in the November election. "Raising small donations to reach $5 million dollar for advertising, compared to the taxpayer's $13 million dollars, the Democrat and Republicans receive just for their Conventions, is historic and the Hillsman ad teams has proven it really knows how to spend it wisely. The most bang for the buck!", he added.

Local Greens are gearing up for a push to include Nader in the debates, which are controlled by former Republican and Democrat heads, in a private commission, funded large private corporations, McKee said. He added "The new commercials are a great kick-off for our debate campaign. Polls have Nader at 8-10% nation wide, and some state like Connecticut at 11% and most polls show the public want Nader included in the debates, regardless of his poll numbers and we think new voters will respond to this commercial and our campaign."

The public can find out more information on Ralph Nader's Presidential Campaign at which has many news and information stories in audio and video streaming format, or to call locally, (401) 521-6454.