Vice President Cheney? (posted July 26, 2000)

The selection of Dick Cheney as the running mate for Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush is a solid and safe choice. Well-respected in Washington political and media circles for his experience and competence and a man with excellent defense and foreign policy skills, the selection of Cheney will force Al Gore to choose a Democrat with equally impressive policy credentials.

In Washington, Cheney is considered conservative (pro-life, anti-gun control, strong military, and a tax cutter), but someone who emphasizes economic over social issues. His selection of a former Wyoming House member who currently heads a business in Texas signals a strong GOP push into the West and South.

The only serious rap on Cheney as a vice presidential candidate is his lack of a flashy speaking style and low key personal manner. Don't look for Cheney to overshadow Bush, but to emerge as a trusted, behind-the-scenes confidant of the presidential candidate.