Bush/Gore Grades and SAT Scores (posted March 23, 2000)

(Updated June 17, 2005)

Confidential college transcripts and test scores obtained by the Washington Post reveal that neither presidential candidate, George W. Bush nor Al Gore, were shining students during their college days at Yale and Harvard, respectively. Although each earned respectable scores on the SAT college admissions test (a total of 1355 of 1600 for Gore and 1206 for Bush), neither did that well in their college courses. Both earned a mix of B and C grades. Gore's lowest grade of D came in a natural sciences course, while his top grades were an A in French and English, an A in Visual and Environmental Studies, and an A- in Social Relations. Bush's lowest marks were a 70 (of 100) in Sociology and a 71 in Economics, while his highest scores were High Passes in History and Japanese.

In 2005, the Boston Globe obtained comparable information on John Kerry's undergraduate record at Yale. It shows that Kerry had a cumulate grade average of 76 over

four years in school. His freshman year average was 71 and his senior year average was 81.


Bush at Yale

Gore at Harvard

SAT Verbal Score

566 (of 800)

625 (of 800)

SAT Math Score

640 (of 800)

730 (of 800)

Undergraduate Transcript



Political Science/Govt classes

73 (of 100) in PS14a

C- in Govt16


71 (of 100) in PS13b

C in Govt 116


Pass in PS48

B in Govt 1a



A- in Govt154



B+ in Govt98

Source: Washington Post


Satisfactory in Govt99

March 19, 2000


B- in Govt103



Pass in Govt130

Kerry at Yale

First Year Courses: 61 in Geology (grade of D)

63 and 68 in History (grades of D)


69 in Political Science (grade of D)

Later Year Courses: 79 in Political Science (grade of C)

77 in French (grade of C)

Senior Year Courses: 89 in Political Science (grade of B)

Source: Boston Globe, June 7, 2005