Chafee Votes Often with Senate Dems (posted June 14, 2000)

A new study of U.S. Senate voting records shows that Rhode Island Senator Lincoln Chafee votes with Democrats more often than any other Republican. According to Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report, an analysis of the 62 contested votes where there was a Republican majority, Senator Chafee voted with Democrats 63 percent of the time. This far exceeds the next nearest Republican, Senator Jim Jeffords of Vermont, who sided with Democrats in 37 percent of these votes. Most other Republicans in the Senate voted with Democrats less than 10 percent of the time.

The analysis provides strong evidence that Chafee will be difficult to attack during the upcoming Senate campaign as a tool of the far right. With the most moderate GOP voting record in the Senate, Chafee has protected himself from objections based on his voting record.

Source: Congressional Quarterly