Weygand Tops $1.17 Million (posted January 27, 2000)

The Weygand Committee announced today in a press release that it raised $1,177,717.22 for the year ending December 31, 1999. The committee also reported that it had $970,212.01 cash on hand as of December 31st.

"We had a goal of reaching $1 million by the end of 1999 and we did that and more," said Congressman Bob Weygand. "This demonstrates the wide breadth of support my campaign for the U.S. Senate has earned since we started this journey just under one year ago."

Weygand far out raised his Democratic primary opponent by some $300,000 and his Republican opponent by nearly $600,000.

L.A. Harris of Cunningham & Harris of West Virginia, Weygand's fundraising consultant, said, "The fundraising totals are extremely impressive considering that Congressman Weygand is first facing a primary challenge and then a general election race against a son who is completing the term of his father, a national political figure."

Weygand noted, "I believe Rhode Islanders support me for being undeterred in the fight to insure prescription drug price fairness for seniors, enactment of HMO reform, a true patients' bill of rights and a real effort to improve education for our children."

The Weygand Committee's fundraising efforts is believed to be a record for a Rhode Island senate campaign as of December 31of the year preceeding the election. $198,931.06 of the total reported by the Weygand Committee was transferred from Weygand's congressional campaign account.




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*Estimated from public statements by Weygand staff.