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Almond Feels Good About His Eight Years as Governor (posted December 15, 2002)

Governor Lincoln Almond said that he felt good about his eight years as chief executive in Rhode Island. Appearing on the WPRI-TV show "Newsmakers", Almond stated that he enjoyed the substantive work as governor. Responding to critics who claimed he did not work hard enough or make evening appearances, the governor noted that his goal was not to get consumed by political life. "I tried to keep a private life," he said, unlike many other politicians.

Almond said that in general he had a good relationship with the General Assembly. The only exception was on the budget. "They spend too much," he complained. Any new revenues legislators are given, they will spend. The current budget situation was not an easy one, he said. But Rhode Island's situation was better than Massachusetts or Connecticut. He predicted new state leaders would be able to balance the budget next year. "It is not going to be fun but it is going to be done."

Appearing on the WLNE-TV show "Truman Taylor", Almond said once he left office, he might seek a part-time job with the Bush Administration on a federal commission. However, he is not interested in a full-time job or moving to Washington, D.C.
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