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Pires Promises Weekly Press Conferences (posted March 3, 2002)
Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Tony Pires promised weekly press conferences if he is elected governor in this year's campaign. Interviewed on the WJAR-TV show "10 News Conference", Pires also said it was time Rhode Island moved to more open government. "Who is hired and what grants are offered" should be online so all can see what is happening, Pires said.
Pires took a veiled swipe at Democratic opponent Sheldon Whitehouse by saying "we don't know what Sheldon Whitehouse's philosophy is. I don't know what his label will be," Pires complained. The candidate made this comment in the course of describing Myrth York as a liberal and himself as a moderate.
Recognizing that he is running against two wealthy opponents, Pires asked that the gubernatorial candidates not be judged purely based on their personal wealth. If that were the only standard, he said, candidates should just get their accountants to prepare net worth statements and throw them into the ring.
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