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Chafee Warns About Divisive GOP Gubernatorial Primary (posted January 19, 2002)
Senator Lincoln Chafee warned his state party about the dangers of a divisive Republican gubernatorial primary. Appearing today on the WPRI-TV show "Newsmakers", Chafee expressed concern about the possibility of an upcoming GOP primary for govenor. "I hope we can get people to run for offices not now contested," he said. "Primaries take a lot of time to heal."

Commenting on his cool relations with the White House, the Senator joked about his exclusion from a recent presidential bill-signing of brownsfield legislation that Chafee had pushed. "I have a Clinton pen. I need a George W. Bush pen," he quipped.

When asked whether Democrats still were attempting to get him to switch parties, he said "that's died down. They don't even know my name anymore."
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