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Kennedy Expects Tough Race (posted January 21, 2002)
Congressman Patrick Kennedy expects a "tough" race, according to an interview he conducted yesterday on the WLNE-TV show "Truman Taylor". When asked if he expected to be traveling across the country to help other Democratic candidates, Kennedy said, "I don't plan to be. I will be spending most of my time here."

Defending himself against criticism that he has become a "pork barrel" politician who mainly talks about federal grants he has brought back to the state, Kennedy said, "it is a lot more than bringing home the bacon. It is bringing home jobs." The congressman also indicated his willingness to debate election opponents. "I look forward to debating," he said. He noted that he already had promised the first debate to Ch10, but would give the second debate to Ch6.

On the subject of taxes, Kennedy said he would not support repealing the Bush tax cut, but stated "I would look at down the road delaying the implementation of those tax cuts." Paying for prescription drugs for senior citizens was more important than tax cuts for the rich, he noted.

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