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Whitehouse: "No Tax Increase" (posted March 2, 2002)
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Sheldon Whitehouse said today, "I don't see any need for a tax increase at this time." Interviewed on the WPRI-TV show "Newsmakers" with Jack White, Whitehouse complained about the state's financial woes and said the next governor was being handed a "potentially devastating" budget. There was too much borrowing taking place, he said, and the state needs to get its financial house in order.
When asked about the death penalty being applied in a local car-jacking murder case, Whitehouse was "I was comfortable" applying it to the shooters in the federal trial because it respected the wishes of the murder victim's families. However, he doesn't think the state should adopt the death penalty because it would take an enormous amount of procedural protection, he said.
On the issue of gay marriage, Whitehouse said "gay couples should have all the civil benefits that married couples have" in terms of marriage and taxes. "It seems only fair," he pointed out.
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