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Goodbye to Mayor's Car, Igliozzi Says (posted July 22, 2002)

Providence Democratic Mayorial candidate David Igliozzi pledged to give up the mayor's car if elected. Appearing July 21 on the WPRI-TV show "Newsmakers" with Jack White, the candidate said "I'll drive myself" rather than take the mayorial limousine used by past mayors. Igliozzi also criticized the six police officers currently assigned to the mayor's office and said he would cut back on that detail.

When asked about the appointment of a new police chief, Igliozzi indicated he would give a police chief a one year contract, with the possibility of three-year extensions for good performance. He also repeated the call of other mayorial candidates for an independent audit of city finances.

Igliozzi bills himself as the "family values" candidate, but denied this was a dig at opponent David Cicilline, an openly gay candidate. Igliozzi said criticism of Cicilline was not what he intended, only that he himself understood the trials and tribulations of family life in Providence.
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