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Cianci Ridicules ProJo and Almond in Washington Post (posted June8, 2001)

In a profile appearing today in the Washington Post, Providence Mayor Buddy Cianci ridicules the Providence Journal and Governor Lincoln Almond. Speaking of the newspaper, Cianci is quoted as saying, "You know what really irks me? You pick up the ProJo and you want to read the economics. Now, why the hell should I be taking advice about economics from a guy who's making $46,000 a year? My secretary makes more than that." Continuing, the mayor added, "Most reporters I know -- not most but some -- want to be mayors or governors or senators, but they don't have the balls to run. They'd have to do a search to find one ball between them."

In the article, Cianci is no more charitable towards Governor Almond, who has called for Cianci's resignation. Speaking of the governor, Cianci joked, "He went to Hong Kong or Singapore, to South America to England and Ireland -- and nobody knew he was gone!"
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