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Jackvony Breaks with Almond on Port (posted March 31, 2002)
Republican gubernatorial candidate Bernard Jackvony indicated he had some differences with Republican Governor Lincoln Almond on policy matters. Speaking on WJAR-TV interview show "10 News Conference", Jackvony explained that though he was friendly with Almond, "we have some differences of opinion." Two issues he cited were a proposed container port at Quonset Point and abortion. "A large container port is not going to happen," Jackvony said in regard to one of Almond's top policy initiatives. No company was going to invest $450 million in a project that already had generated considerable controversy, he indicated. Jackvony also pointed out he is pro-life on abortion, while Almond is pro-choice.
On other issues, Jackvony said he opposed casino gambling, thought the state should continue to phase out the car tax, and needed a separate department of Veterans Affairs. He also criticized the General Assembly, saying "the legislature exercises too much power."
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