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Cianci Still Popular But Voters Say Time for a Change (posted May 19, 2002)
Word on the street is that a new survey conducted by Providence City Council President John Lombardi shows that Mayor Buddy Cianci still is popular, but that voters feel it is time for a change in Providence city government. According to the survey undertaken through the Zogby polling firm, Cianci's job approval ratings remain in the "low 60s" about what it was before the mayor's corruption trial started, but that 51 percent of city voters think it is time for a change. More than 70 percent feel the city still is headed in the right direction.
The survey results are interesting because they suggest Cianci's trial has done little to weaken the mayor's popularity within the capital city. People still believe the city is headed in the right direction and that Cianci is doing a good job as mayor. However, the fact that a majority now believe it is time for a change in Providence suggests even if Cianci is found not guilty on the corruption charges, he still faces a daunting political task of winning re-election in Fall, 2002.
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