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Reed Expects U.S. to Find Iraq Chemical Weapons (posted April 12, 2003)

Senator Jack Reed said he expects the United States military will find chemical weapons in Iraq. Speaking on the WPRI-TV show "Newsmakers" with Jack White, Senator Reed indicated that "my presumption is we will find it."

Reed noted that he was surprised at the fact that Iraqi troops had not used chemical weapons. "Our troops appreciated that," Reed noted. He also expressed amazement at "the ineptness of the Iraqi forces defending the city." In regard to chemical weapons, Reed said "internationally, there will be concern" if we don't find chemical weapons.

When asked about next steps for the United States now that the war was winding down, Reed said "I would like to see the fastest possible transition to civilian leadership" and wants to see a transition to Iraqis running their own country.

On the subject of "embedded" journalists traveling with the American military, Reed believes "they have done a very good job. They have handled themselves with a great deal of professional ethics in terms of how they have reported."

Senator Reed's position on the policy of assassinating foreign leaders during wartime is that "it is a morally challenging situation." However, in cases when assassination takes place during a conflict authorized by the United States and after years and years of sanctions, Reed said assassination "is probably permissible within the rules of war."
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