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Carcieri Lays Down Law to Legislature (posted November 24, 2002)

Rhode Island Governor-Elect Don Carcieri laid down the law with the state General Assembly over a proposed expansion of video slot machines. Speaking on the WJAR-TV show "10 News Conference", the new governor proclaimed that he was not happy with a planned Nov. 25 vote by the Lottery Commission, a committee dominated by legislators, to expand the number of slot machines. During the campaign, he said, the public expressed clear concern about "government that is disconnected and self-serving." With legislative downsizing, a new governor, a new House speaker, and a House committee that is studying gaming issues, he pointed out, the Lottery Commission should delay its decision rather than rush through a vote before new state leadership is in place. A quick vote without adequate public discussion, he said, is what "feeds cynicism" in Rhode Island.

As a sign of his displeasure with the proposed Lottery Commission action, Carcieri said he personally planned to attend the Monday meeting of the commission, indicated he already had called members of the commission, and noted he had sent out a press release informing leaders he opposed an expansion until the state could negotiated a better deal for taxpayers.

In other areas, Carcieri said he had met with legislative leaders for a get-acquainted meeting. Despite having run for governor on an anti-General Assembly platform, Carcieri said he was "not interested in making anyone look bad." Instead, he hoped to work with the legislature on actions that would "convince voters there is real change" within the state.

Being governor "is not a partisan position," he indicated. Carcieri said he did not want to come across as someone who had all the answers and knew everything. As soon as you do that, he noted, "people are putting banana peels in front of you" to prove you wrong.

Carcieri identified several goals for his new administration. He said he wanted to get the economic base growing, get the education system performing, restore people's optimism in the state, and deal with rising health care premiums.
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