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Follies Lampoons RI Politicians (posted February 23, 2002)
The 29th Providence Newspaper Guild Follies lampooned everything from Providence Mayor Buddy Cianci to the Providence Place Mall. Featuring skits, satire, and comedy routines, the Follies also featured a musical performance by mystery guest, U.S. Senator Lincoln Chafee.
Currently under indictment on federal corruption charges, Mayor Cianci attracted the sharpest barbs in various skits. Discussing the looming mayorial election between challenger David Ciccilline and Cianci, master of ceremonies Scott MacKay jokingly described the race as a "choice between a criminal lawyer and a criminal." Later, MacKay noted that Cianci, infamous for his need to be the center of attention, was "the only guy who screams his own name when he reaches orgasm."
One skit featured a Cianci character predicting he would confound those thinking he would be found guilty. "When I strut down the street, I can hear them talk, Saying Buddy C., you ain't gonna walk, You've been indicted for the crime, Mr. Mayor, you gonna do hard time. But it's all right, it's OK, I am gonna get away. They think my back's against the wall, I'm not gonna take the fall."
Another one entitled "A-Mazed" poked fun at the labryinth known as the Providence Place Mall parking lot, a place where drivers routinely get confused. "We thought a downtown mall'd be fine, But the parking's a pain in our behind. Let's knock it with a wrecking ball, There's just no place like Emerald Mall."
Mystery guest Lincoln Chafee drew laughter when he appeared on stage sporting a yellow wig, jeans, and guitar, and made fun of his own cautiousness on supporting the Afghanistan War. Noting his reluctance to voice full-scale support for the war at the beginning, Chafee quoted critics who were "wondering whether I am a Senator without a spine." His biggest laugh, however, came when he wondered where it had been a "liability talking about the dope I smoked at Brown."
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