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Kennedy Chastizes Fellow Dems on Foreign Policy; Disavows Any Interest in Chafee Senate Seat (posted April 26, 2003)

Congressman Patrick Kennedy chastized his fellow Democrats for their "isolationist" stance on foreign policy. Appearing on the WPRI-TV show "Newsmakers" with Jack White and Scott MacKay, Kennedy said "the Democrats have become more isolated in not wanting to take action." Speaking of his own support for military action in Iraq, the congressman said "the Democratic party needs to become the party of internationalists." He also predicted "we are going to have a war on terrorism for my lifetime or generations to come." President Bush has achieved "an incredible political victory", Kennedy noted, for taking out Saddam Hussein and changing the regime in Iraq.

On other topics, Kennedy said France "has been an utter disappointment" for its lack of support of American military action. He predicted that his friend, Representative Dick Gephardt "is going to do very well [in his presidential campaign]. His message is very strong."

When asked if he had any interest in running against U.S. Senator Lincoln Chafee in 2006, Kennedy disavowed a run. "I don't have any interest in running for the Senate in 2006," Kennedy said. He explained that he was very happy in the House serving on the Appropriations Committee.
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