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New Poll Testing Paolino Mayorial Prospects (posted June 21, 2002)
A new public opinion survey is in the field testing the mayorial prospects for Joe Paolino and Frank Caprio, Sr. Being conducted by interviewers who identify themselves as representatives of "Western Research Associates of Utah", the survey measures favorability ratings for a number of individuals such as Angel Tavares, Buddy Cianci, David Igliozzi, Kevin McKenna, David Cicilline, Frank Caprio, Sr, and Joseph Paolino.

However, most intriquing are the mayorial matchups that are being assessed. In addition to testing Paolino's prospects in a Democratic primary against several different combinations of opponents, the poll tested a possible Independent candidacy for Paolino as well as Caprio. Among the general election scenarios being evaluated are a race between democrat Cicilline and Independent Paolino, Democrat Cicilline and Independent Caprio, and Democrat Cicilline and Independent Cianci.

Beyond evaluating various primary and general election possibilities, the survey asked for an evaluation of Joe Paolino's previous mayor's accomplishments, what people like and dislike about Paolino, and a series of questions assessing which candidate (Cicilline, Paolino, and Caprio) who would do the best job handling various issues (promoting jobs, improving schools, pursuing state/federal aid, reducing crime, improving the neighborhoods, and controlling city spending.

The survey furthermore asked if people were in favor of term limits for mayors and non-partisan elections.

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