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Reed Ranks Sixth in Out-of-State Campaign Money (posted March 28, 2002)
Senator Jack Reed ranks sixth of all senators in terms of the percentage of campaign money this election cycle raised from out-of-state. According to Center for Responsive Politics research reported today in Hill newspaper, 71.9 percent of Reed's money comes from out of state. This amounts of $989,473 of the total $1,376,540 raised overall.
Heading the list in terms of out-of-state money was Senator Max Baucus of Montana. Nearly 87 percent of his campaign funding was raised from outside his home state. Other individuals on the list included Tom Harkin of Iowa (82.9 percent), Tim Johnson of South Dakota (77.2 percent), Robert Smith of New Hampshire (76.3 percent), and Joseph Biden of Delaware (76.1 percent).
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