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Heard on College Hill

Chafee Ready for GOP Primary

Speaker Says Lottery Commission is Exempt from Separation of Powers

Do Cultural + Security Issues = National Republican Era? An Assessment of Election 2004

Is Patrick Kennedy Running for the U.S. Senate in 2006?

Howard Dean Calls GOP Best Propagandists since Lenin

Kerry Changes Tactics and Recasts Campaign

New U.S. Attorney Has No Political Ambitions

Missouri Defeats Casino Proposal

Joke of the Week (Kerry and Edwards)

Legislative Leaders Say They Have Votes to Override Casino Veto

Cicilline Calls Proposed Casino "Lazy Economic Development"

Patrick Kennedy Needles Newt Gingrich over RI Visit

Carcieri Criticizes the "Budget That Came Out of Nowhere"

Voters Sharply Divided on Proposed Narragansett Casino

Chafee Continues to Support Bush for Re-Election

The Bush versus Kerry Air War

Joke of the Week

Cicilline Holding Line on Taxes

Matt Brown Undecided about Future Election Plans

Kerry Criticizes Bush's Student Aid Cuts

Carcieri Says "Too Soon" to Think About Re-Election

Providence Reviewing Possibility of Same-Sex Marriage

Carcieri, Laffey, Celona, and CVS Draw Top Barbs at Follies

Cicilline Plans to Reduce Labor Costs

Governor Carcieri Plans 2% Spending Increase

Voters Choosing Experience over Anger

Langevin "Outraged" at Statehouse

Chafee Says Republicans Fear Wesley Clark the Most

General Assembly Leaders Favor Increase in Ethics Commission Budget and Staff

Senate Majority Leader Paiva-Weed Calls for Stronger Disclosure

RI Republican Leaders Oppose Full-Time Legislature

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