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Heard on College Hill

Congressman Kennedy Says Senate President Irons Should Disclose Financial Clients

Romney Criticizes Patronage Politics

Fogarty Ponders Political Future

RI GOP Targets Democratic General Assembly

Dave Rogers to Announce Campaign against Congressman Kennedy

RI Labor Promises to Work Together in Next Election

Operation Clean Government Files New Complaint Against Representative Gordon Fox

Governor Carcieri Plans Counter-Offensive

Cong. Kennedy Attacks Howard Dean on Gun Control

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Celebrity Politics

Reed Says US Will Stay in Iraq for a Decade

Brown U. Survey Shows Voters Favor Casino

Mayor Laffey Promises Tough Action on Budget

Sex and Politics: The Case of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Electoral Prospects

Chief Thomas Defends Indian Tribe on State Raid

AG Lynch Mum on State Budget

Chafee Says Bush Misled on War Evidence, But Plans to Support His Re-Election

American Politics at the Crossroads

Brown U. Survey Shows Voters Support Greater Health Care and Pension Contributions by State Workers

Carcieri Chastises General Assembly over Budget

Cicilline "Outraged" at Judge Fortunato Decision

Chafee Thinks Hillary Clinton Might Run in 2004

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