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Carcieri Complains about Providence Journal Ad Hominem Attack (posted December 3, 2006)

Governor Don Carcieri complained about what he called an "ad hominem" attack from a Providence Journal editorial that criticized his stance opposing a major port at Quonset Point as due to wanting to protect his rich friends' yachting area. Appearing on the WJAR-TV show "10 News Conference", the governor retorted "I don't belong to yacht clubs" and denied that his position was linked to his friends' yachts. Referring to the editorial, he said "They are entirely wrong". He noted that the newspaper editorial page had supported a gambling casino in this year's election and joked that reflected "great economic judgment on their part....They are not going to change my mind." He said his opposition to a port expansion was because "it is not an economic generator" and doesn't produce a lot of jobs.

Asked about the tenure of state Republican party head Patricia Morgan, Carcieri was non-committal. "That is a conversation we are just starting," the governor pointed out. He needs to assess what happened and what Morgan's future plans were.