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Langevin Calls Iraq a Train Wreck (posted august 6, 2006)

Congressman James Langevin said Iraq has become a "train wreck" and that Defense Secretary Donald Rumseld "probably should step down". Appearing on the WJAR-TV show "10 News Conference", the representative argued that the Iraq War "will go down in history as one of our worst mistakes."

When asked what Rhode Island should do if the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Langevin would not say what state legislation he would want passed, but reiterated that he is "pro-life" and "would support a law to reduced unwanted pregnancies."

His Democratic challenger Jennifer Lawless appeared on WLNE-TV's "Six News on the Record" and complained that "the majority of people I speak with have no idea of his position on this issue".

Lawless did not express an opinion on this year's ballot measure to amend the state constitution that would allow Harrah's and the Narragansett Indians to build a gambling casino in West Warwick. The challenger said she was focusing on federal issues where she could have an impact and would leave the casino issue to voters. Langevin indicated he would vote no on the proposed casino.