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Chafee Says He Will Not Run as Independent If He Loses GOP Primary (posted July 23, 2006)

Republican Senator Lincoln Chafee says he will not run as an independent if he loses the GOP primary to challenger Stephen Laffey. Speaking on the WPRI-TV show "Newsmakers", Senator Chafee reiterated his confidence in victory. Pointing out that this is his 10th run for office and that he is "8 and 1" in electoral victories, he said "I'm not going to lose. I haven't entertained it". Speaking of his opponent's poor showing in general election polls, Chafee said Laffey "would get crushed" if he made it to the general election. Right now, polls suggest Laffey would lose to Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse by 30 percentage points.

Chafee conceded that Laffey is a "smart man", but complained that "there is a mean streak there" in his opponent. Chafee described his greatest strength as "my ability to work with others."