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Laffey Complains That Chafee is Indecisive (posted May 15, 2005)

Possible U.S. Senate candidate Stephen Laffey complained that Senator Lincoln Chafee is indecisive. Speaking on the WJAR-TV show 10 News Conference, Laffey said, "It is painful to watch someone so indecisive." When asked for specifics, he gave the example of how Chafee described his 2004 vote for president. After giving several answers to how he planned to vote, Chafee indicated he had written in the name of George Herbert Walker Bush, not the incumbent president. "He writes in someone not running," Laffey said, mocking Chafee.

Pressed on whether he planned to run for higher office, Laffey declined comment. He said after he made up his mind, he would tell his wife first. He noted that it still was early (only May, 2005) and that "at some point, I have to make some decisions." He did not respond when asked, as has been rumored on the street, whether he had talked with the Club for Growth, a national organization that makes independent expenditures in political campaigns. Laffey said he had lots of private conversations, and planned to keep those conversations quiet.