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Whitehouse Defends Self Against Brown (posted May 1, 2005)

Democratic Senatorial candidate Sheldon Whitehouse is defending himself from criticism lobbed by opponent Matt Brown. Appearing on the WJAR-TV television show 10 News Conference with Jim Taricani, Whitehouse critized Brown's comments that Whitehouse was a career politician. "Politicians have to say what politicians have to say," Whitehouse said referring to Brown. Whitehouse cited his work on behalf of separation of powers legislation as an example of his "taking on the political establishment."

He also responded to Brown's comments that Whitehouse was a political insider, while Brown had worked extensively in the community. "Government work takes you into the community," Whitehouse noted. In his past positions, he has been an advocate for consumers and other community interests. "It is going to be tough for him to get traction on that," Whitehouse predicted.

Whitehouse expressed support for raising the income cap beyond $90,000 subject to Social Security tax. "If you continue to let it ride up, a lot of the finances come back," he pointed out.

Asked whether he or his wife drive a SUV, Whitehouse admitted his wife drove a Ford Explorer, but defending it saying the vehicle was a "small SUV".