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Matt Brown Plans Insurgent Senate Campaign (posted April 17, 2005)

Democratic Senate candidate Matt Brown is emphasizing insurgency in his U.S. Senate campaign. Appearing today on the WJAR-TV show "10 News Conference", Brown said he is "not part of the political club." Asked why Representatives Patrick Kennedy and James Langevin (and other leading Democrats) have endorsed his opponent Sheldon Whitehouse, Brown described his opponents as part of the political establishment. "I come from a non-profit background", Brown stated while Whitehouse was a "career politician". Brown said "I am not coming from a political background", but instead has worked for non-profits such as City Year and worked in the neighborhoods with ordinary people. Brown has been in office for two years and noted he "took on the political establishment last time and beat them". He said he was not a millionaire and his grandfather arrived in America through Ellis Island.

When asked to characterize his differences with Whitehouse, Brown said, "we have very different backgrounds. His background is a career politican. My background is as an outsider .... I have experience doing something other than politics".

Brown said he is against the death penalty, does not believe the government should intervene in family and medical decisions at the end of life, and supports civil unions and partnership benefits for gays.