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Lynch and Cicione Oppose Full-time Legislature (posted April 15, 2007)

Rhode Island party chairs William Lynch and Cicione are in agreement in opposing a move to a full-time legislature in the Ocean State. Appearing on the WJAR-TV show "10 News Conference", Democratic party chair Lynch said he "personally is not a fan of it." He said a full-time legislature would lead to "enormous exploding cost" and that "states with a full-time legislature have the same types of problems, conflicts, and concerns" as in Rhode Island's part-time legislature. Republican chair Cicione agreed with this sentiment and said "I don't think it is a solution. The conflicts won't go away".

Cicione also complained about Democratic domination of the Rhode Island General Assembly. He argued that one-sided party control created an "arrogance" among Democrats in how they ran the legislature. Lynch meanwhile continued his complaints about Governor Don Carcieri's use of temporary state workers and said this practice put taxpayer-financed workers outside the state's ethics code.