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Mayor Cicilline Proposes to Tighten Adult Entertainment Rules (posted March 20, 2005)

Providence Mayor David Cicilline is supporting efforts to tighten government regulation of the adult entertainment industry. Appearing on the WJAR-TV show "10 News Conference", he said he wanted to tighten up current loopholes on prostitution and massage parlors that make it difficult to regulate these activities. "We have put the landlords on notice we expect them to terminate or evict tenants" who are "public nuisances", he noted.

Cicilline also expressed strong support for his appointment of State Representative Gordon Fox to the city's licensing board. Even though Fox represents some business establishments that appear before the board, the mayor indicated "I don't think there is any conflict....He has served on that board well....He does it honorably and I have great confidence in his work."

When asked about reports he plans to field candidates in City Council races this year, the mayor said "if there are open seats, I will be certainly involved in those races". But he said he would not involve himself in any council elections where an incumbent was seeking re-election.