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Mayor Cicilline Says No Tax Increase for Providence (posted Feb. 26, 2006)

Providence Mayor David Cicilline said there would be no tax increase for Providence in 2006. Appearing on the WLNE-TV show "Six News on the Record" with Jim Hummel, the mayor was asked about tax increases that had taken place in each of the preceding three years and whether another would occur this year. "There won't be one this year," Cicilline responded. "We are finally growing our tax base." He pointed out that this was the first time since 1992 that the city's tax base had increased due to all the new economic development in Providence. He said a growing tax base helped people in the neighborhoods and was stabilizing the city's finances. With the restoration of honest government in City Hall, Cicilline claimed the city was benefitting from a "trust dividend".

The Mayor expressed hope that he could settle a contract disagreement that has been going on with the fire-fighters union for several years. He said the city's other five unions had agreed to cost-sharing on health care and fire-fighters needed to do the same thing. Although union members had rejected the last three contract offers, Cicilline said the last offer lost by only 8 votes out of 500 cast.