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Dan Yorke Unscripted (posted November 4, 2007)

WPRO radio talk show host Dan Yorke never is at a loss for words. But his appearance on Jim Hummel's WLNE-TV show "Six News on the Record" set a new record for colorful opinions in a short amount of time. Interviewed for half an hour, the loquacious radio personality unleashed a tsunami of opinions on Buddy Cianci, Governor Don Carcieri, Providence Mayor David Cicilline, Providence Police Chief Dean Esserman, Congressman Patrick Kennedy, and Senate President Joseph Montalbano.

Asked whether having Buddy Cianci's show leading into his own show helped the ratings, Yorke said, "the jury is out. He just started." He described his pairing with Cianci on the strong WPRO talk line-up (along with John DePetro and Ron St. Pierre) as a "unique situation." He noted that his relationship with Cianci was positive. "I have always gotten along with Buddy," Yorke said. "He has been a perfect gentleman."

Yorke was not so reserved in his views of a range of public officials. Governor Carcieri has "screwed up" in his handling of the state budget crisis. Congressman Kennedy is "just a dope." Mayor Cicilline is "dirty", Yorke warned. "Don't turn your back on him." Talking about salary payments a few years ago to a top staff member from anonymous donors through the Rhode Island Foundation, the talk show host complained that Cicilline "is doing things inside City Hall that Buddy wouldn't even think of doing."

Providence Police Chief Dean Esserman also came in for considerable fire. The Chief is, in Yorke's opinion, "an absolute liar" who "has lost his rank and file" within the police department. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse is "a very thin-skinned guy" who won't come on Yorke's show. Senate President Joseph Montalbano was described by Yorke as "somewhat depressed". Colleagues fear removing him from his leadership position, Yorke said, because they were afraid of getting "a bigger creep".

After the parade of unfavorable assessments regarding state officials, though, Yorke proved he is a fair guy. He closed the show by describing himself as "nothing but a dumb jock" who loves the New York Yankees.