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Carcieri to Keep Steve Kass (posted October 21, 2007)

Governor Don Carcieri is defending his advisor Steve Kass from calls from unnamed supporters that Kass be let go. Speaking on the WJAR-TV show "10 News Conference", Carcieri said "Steve is not going anywhere. I rely on him."

The chief executive also denied he is in a war with the Providence Journal. "I'm not declaring war on anybody," he stated. He said he was not picking on its reporter Kathy Gregg when he asked her at a press conference how she would feel if she lost her job. "She wants names," he said in regard to his plans to lay off state workers.

Carcieri predicted that union negotiations next year were going to be very difficult. Complaining about the state's 35-hour work week, he said "we would get a lot more work done with a smaller workforce" if there were a 40-hour week. "The benefit structure of the public sector needs to be comparable to that in the private sector," he noted.