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Nee Says Governor Carcieri is "Less than Honest" (posted October 7, 2007)

Union leader George Nee lambasted Rhode Island Governor Don Carcieri's remarks regarding the state's budget crisis. Appearing on the WJAR-TV show "10 News Conference", Nee said the governor was "less than honest" when he was campaigning for re-election. There was no budget deficit a year ago when the camaign was going on, and now there is at least a $200 million shortfall.

The labor leader criticized the governor for spending four months this year negotiating with union representatives and then one day pulling the plug on talks and announcing that state government needed to cut 1,000 jobs from the payroll. "A CEO would never operate this way," Nee said. "It is government by sound byte."

Referrring to Governor Carcieri's job approval rating drop in a recent Brown University survey, Nee noted that "his style of management and approach are not working." He urged the governor to work with labor unions to solve problems the way Bruce Sundlun did during the banking crisis.