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Carcieri Calls Recall Threat Absurd (posted June 16, 2007)

Union threats to recall Rhode Island Governor Don Carcieri have been labeled "absurd" by the governor. Responding on the WJAR-TV show "10 News Conference", Carcieri lambasted the call saying "there ought to be a recall by the rank and file of the leadership" of the unions. Carcieri pointed out that "it is amusing the NEA is attacking me when I put the money in" for increased education aid.

The governor also defended state Republican chair Gio Ciccione who has generated considerable controversy for lawn signs defending the governor's proposal to reduce the state government workforce by 1,000 workers as a "good start". "Gio has done a great job. He has a lot of energy." However, the governor called the lawn sign message "inappropriate" and said he didn't know anything about it before it became public.

Governor Carcieri promised to "get to the bottom" of a state contracting scandal involving the Department of Transportation. "We are going to clean this up," he promised. The governor sought to distance himself from the scandal by saying "many of these things have been going on a long time."