House Speaker John Harwood's 1998 Campaign Contributions to and from Other Politicians

To Other Politicians:

Friends of Mayor James Doyle, $200

Vincent J. Mesolella, Jr., $1,000

Rep. Peter Palumbo, $1,000

Rep. Wayne Salisbury, $200

Rep. Paul Sherlock, $200

Friends of Mayor James Doyle, $40

Rep. David Iwuc, $200

Fogarty for Lt. Governor, $1,000

Guglietta Committee, $1,000

Tavares for General Treasurer, $1,000

York for Governor Committee, $1,000

Committee to Reelect Delorenzo, $500

Flynn for Congress, $1,000

Rep. Gordon Fox, $250

Rep. Joanne Giannini, $200

Rep. John Simonian, $500

Committee to Elect Richard Kiley, $1,000

Committee to Elect William Murphy, $200

Committee to Elect John O'Leary, $1,000

Committee to Reelect Raymond Sanchez, $1,000

Committee to Elect Sheldon Whitehouse, $1,000

Committee to Elect George Zainyeh, $1,000

From Other Politicians:

James Langevin, $125

John Revens, Jr., $150

Dominick Ruggerio, $150

Cianci for Mayor Committee, $150

James Doyle for Mayor, $150

Metivier for Mayor, $150

Gaschen Campaign Fund, $150


Source: Rhode Island Board of Elections Campaign Finance Reports, 1998