"Turning Point: Policymaking in the Era of Artificial Intelligence" (Brookings Press, 2020) (co-author: John R. Allen)

With the advent of increased computing power, machine learning, and data analytics, artificial intelligence is becoming more common, from software that can spot possible tumors to e-commerce algorithms that seem to know what you want to buy before you decide. Despite its current and potential benefits, AI is widely feared by the larger public. The rapid growth of artificial intelligence has given rise to concerns that emerging technologies will create a dystopian world of increased inequality, declining privacy, and a broad threat to humanity itself. In this new book, the authors discuss the opportunities and risks posed by artificial intelligence and how near-term policy decisions will determine whether the technology leads to utopia or dystopia. Drawing on in-depth studies of major AI uses in healthcare, education, transportation, e-commerce, and defense, they detail how the technology works and outline a policy and governance blueprint for gaining AI's benefits.


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